About Us

Turn on media or social channels to doom and gloom creating fear. Most media thrives on fear. Fear often seems to spread faster than joy. Sharejoynotfear.com is a community to share creative ideas and smiles to create joy. Joy is contagious! #ShareJoyNotFear

Why ‘Share JOY not fear’?

The internet regurgitates everything back to you based on your prior searches and computer based algorithms. For you to experience a different viewpoint and different content YOU have to reprogram your behavior, browser and social accounts.

Don’t let computer based algorithms overtake your news and social experience causing you to create unnecessary fear for yourself and others.

Start fresh. Clear your cookies and delete your browser history. Visit sites with opposing viewpoints. Search out new perspectives. Don’t always go to the same source but try out new sites. Look up news from different countries. Stay informed.

Be You 2.0. Update your personal bios, remove prior negative likes, unfollow imposters, act differently, click differently, flag fake news, stay informed with verified accounts or first party content.

Don’t share fear. Find your fear elsewhere. Do share 1st party, 2nd party, 3rd party, 4th party, 5th party, etc. humor. Joy is contagious!

How will you share joy? #ShareJoyNotFear

Stay tuned….