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joy is contagious logo
joy is contagious logo

Fear is toxic and everywhere. News, social media and politics all thrive on fear. Fear seams to seep into our everyday lives, social feeds and mindset causing depression, impacting our mindset and limiting our capabilities.

Joy is contagious - it spreads just like fear. However, we have to be more intentional about creating and sharing joy to conquer our fears.

Creating funny videos, stories, songs, poems or pictures can help brighten someones day with temporary smiles.

Random acts of kindness help turn around someone's week or month impacting others more than we may ever know.

Using our connections to create community, make new friends and welcome others into your family helps change the trajectory of someones year or season of life.

Finally and most importantly, the Bible commands us to be good neighbors and love our neighbors as ourselves to impact others lives forever. is a social hobby to create smiles, remind us to look out for strangers, share good news and explore ideas on way to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Join us and help share joy not fear.